Front cover, spine, and back cover design for a hypothetical book.
Synopsis: "A hundred years in the future, people have decided they are no longer complacent with the way the United States is being governed. They abandon the idea of electing a human president, and look to the many intelligent minds in the nation to create an automated machine that will lack human bias yet still will be cognizant enough to make important decisions. A fifteen year old boy ends up winning this competition and astounding all of his older, more prestigious competitors. He has found a way to simulate a human brain while still having it retain the objectivity needed to more consistently run a country without prejudice. Within the robot lies an additional, undetected piece of technology that acts as a gateway for the power-hungry creator to control the robot. Being a fifteen year old boy, he is still largely immature and impulsive; he allows his emotions and intensely difficult coming-of-age process to get in the way of his ability to make critical decisions. The chaos that ensues is a direct result of this fatal, undetected flaw in the robot and its creator; will the country continue to trust this supposedly objective automated president, or realize what is going on before it wreaks irreparable havoc?"
I chose a black background to accentuate the darkness of the book's plot, and strongly contrast the imagery/typography. I digitally painted an image of a boy, while pixelating his head to suggest that his mind is ruled by technology.
Print Design
Digital Painting
Concept Development

other work

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