Movie poster design based on a short story entitled "The Ledge" by Lawrence Sargent Hall. 
The story expresses a powerful message in that it highlights a father's final thoughts as he passes on. The man gears up to go out hunting with his son and nephew, rising in the early morning and focusing on minute details of the trip. It is quickly evident that he is insensitive and blunt, leaving his wife at home without saying goodbye. The three head to a ledge, planning on being there while the tide is low and leaving before the tide rises. After hunting, the father realizes he did not secure the boat and it had floated away, leaving him and the two boys stranded on a progressively disappearing ledge. They frantically try to think of a way to escape but their efforts are fruitless, and the man has to come to terms with his impending death. In his final moments, he wishes he had not left his bed with his wife, and is met with existential thoughts about the nature of his body as he drifts into unconsciousness.
I focused on this idea of one's final thoughts as they leave this world, depicting the father floating limply yet calmly in the center of the poster. The orange depicts fading sunlight, while the blue depicts the cold ocean water rising. An image of a ledge is combined with the bow of a boat to emulate an iceberg floating in the water, and conceptually signify the combination of two tangible objects that caused his demise. The phrase "What lingers at the end?" is used to accentuate this concept of one's final stream of consciousness.
Print/Poster Design
Concept Development

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